Me being me:)

I remember when you actually Liked me.. Now all I hear is that “the only reason I liked her was because I need glasses” you always walk all over me. I want to move on but I just can’t let go.

Campbell I love you!(:

I love being Native.. <3

I love being Native.. <3

i love you&lt;3

i love you<3

Fuck Yea

 Why didnt you come sooner :) <3

im over you..

Fuck :(

Fuck i miss you! hopefully you miss me..i will always love you forever&always!!

Goodnight Tumblr..and the few followers i the way i will be thinking of you know who :) <3

When you say it.. fucking mean it!

You said you loved didnt mean it..i said i love you..and i actually meant it..if your gonna say “i love you” say it when you mean it! im fucking tired of hearing you say stuff and your dont even mean it!!…

My Love Life

when i saw you i think in my head..i cant believe your mine..(couple weeks later) when you broke up with me..i couldn’t belive it..your everything a girl would want..and i can’t believe i just let you leave other people say “theres other fish in the sea”. well Campbell was the best one so far.. i just want you too know i will always love you! </3